Managing Hair & Extensions

//Managing Hair & Extensions

Managing Hair & Extensions

In the past few months I have received several inquires about stressed out hair and balding temples and napes due to excessive use of hair extensions and braiding.

The prolific growth of the hair extensions market in recent years is now delivering a new set of hair care issues to hairdressing.

The problem: Hair folicles are being damaged by in appropriate applications and use of hair extensions. Many consumers are allowing extensions to remain on their heads for longer than reasonable.

Many consumers cover their scalp and hair with hair extensions, while neglecting their own hair.

The Solution: Manage your own hair as if you were not wearing hair extensions. In other words do not neglect to have regular hydrating & strengthening treatments. This may require some skill getting in between the tracks of hair extensions.

It is also recommended that you get a microderm abrasion or scalp renew/regeneration service to keep your scalp healthy. At Ragga Hair our focus is always scalp care and hair health.

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