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The pendulum has spun for the past 5 years. Black women have been clamoring to jump on the natural hair care bus:

As a stylist I embraced the trend with reservation. As I do with all hair trends. In the recent months I am noticing a return to some form of chemical softening for manageably of fashion forward looks which are in unattainable with natural afro kinky hair. A common refrain is staying natural is not only time consuming but also limits the stylist options available. I will always caution clients to do what works for you. I am tired of people making their haircare issues political ones. These are separate issues.

Enjoy your super curly hair regardless of how you choose to wear it. Relaxed texturized, no chemical all have their place in a modern fashion market.


Relaxed, Short Hairstyle

Relaxed, Short Hairstyle


Natural Hair

Natural Hair, Short Hairstyle