2-1 Facial + Hair Steamer with O3 ozone Device


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2-1 Facial + Hair Steamer with O3 ozone Device

O3 hair steamer is a useful kind of applied hair-care instrument for family use, which could be only seen in top-class hair beauty salons. Its sprayer has the function of generating O3, so as to speed up the pace of hair dyeing and nutrition absorption. Also, O3 can kill out the epiphyte of scalp, which could deeply prevent dandruff generating.

This instrument is easy and convenient to use. If possible, you may substitute the spraying pole to make it become a vapor beauty instrument. Thereby, you’ll have a bi-functional instrument containing hair beauty and facial beauty.

  • Protect the hair quality
  • Remove dandruff

One Year Warranty

Model: KD-2328A #5997

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