AMBI Fade Cream for Normal Skin


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Only 1 left in stock

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New and improved AMBI® Fade Cream for Normal Skin effectively and safely fades unwanted dark marks without changing your natural skin tone. When used as directed, results can be seen in as little as 2 weeks. Once your natural skin tone is restored, you can discontinue use of the product. To help keep skin even toned, it is important to use a sunscreen (SPF 30) with the use of AMBI® Fade Creams. The unique, triple-action formula combines the following:

Active Ingredients: Hydroquinon 2% (Skin Bleaching Agent), Octinoxate 2% (Sunscreen)

  • Hydroquinone, a dermatologist-recommended ingredient, which safely fades dark spots
  • Vitamin E, to help soften and smooth skin
  • Alpha Hydroxy Acid, to help enhance results

2 oz. / 56g

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