III Sister Of Nature Curling Gelo


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II Sisters of Nature Natural Curling Gelo helps to define and elongate your curls and enhance your hair’s natural wave patter.

Formulated with all natural ingredients to give the best conditioning, strengthening, nourishing, softening styling treatment, the Curling Gelo naturally brings out the lustrous shine in your curls and waves.

Curling Gelo keeps your hair frizz free, leaves no greasy residuce, keeps hair moisturized, and allows for long-lasting curls,waves, and twists.

Curling Gelo is very concentrated to give it that added value. The natural humectants inside the Gelo naturally extracts moisture from the air keeping curls/waves/kinks/knots/twists soft to the touch, moisturized, and healthy.

8oz. / 236ml



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