Walker Tape Ultra Hold Lace Wig Adhesive Glue


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This adhesive has a waterproof, non-yellowing acrylic formula base; and is medical grade just like all our lace wig products.


It has a 4-6 week hold! Most other adhesives are for 10-14 days. If you are interested in true extended wear, this is the product for you. This product is a thicker liquid than most other adhesives, and it is important to allow proper drying time. We insist on following the manufacturer’s directions with this. This adhesive removes easily with Lace Release, C-22 or Rapid Release. Attachment time varies from one individual to another, the more oily the skin the shorter the hold time.


Recommend using only a single layer since Ultra Hold is a thicker formula than most other adhesives. Allow drying before placing system on head. Use with Scalp Protector for sensitive skin or to increase adhesion time for oily skin and in hot, humid weather and for oily or sensitive skin.

Two Sizes available: 0.5oz / 15ml and 1.4oz. / 41.4ml

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