The fashionista’s little black book

//The fashionista’s little black book

The fashionista’s little black book

Toronto’s hard-core fashion pros are a notorious group that craves perfection. They spend an inordinate number of hours seeking out spots that help them keep their lives running smoothly, be it the best place to get pampered, pick up a bargain or find prized goods. Once they discover a little gem that unfailingly delivers flawless service, they not only become loyal customers buy also very protective of that information, often telling only those they consider worthy.

Suzanne Boyd, editor-in-chief, Zoomer magazine

Ragga Hair is a hair salon and beauty supply store that has knowledgeable stylists, impeccable customer service and a great mix of escape-from-hair-hell loot, luxe products, ethnic finds and cheap and cheerful stalwarts. And they have more hair – wigs (some are custom built on-site), hair pieces and extensions than Chewbacca!

The Star persuaded a few style professionals to open their little black books and share iust one secret.



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